How Burlesque Dancing prepared me for my business

Yes, I admit the title is a little bit unuasual and maybe you had of something differently in mind when you read it. But I can tell you they are related.


And how?


In Burlesque it is all about the performance and celebrating to take the clothes off. The perfomer wears layers and takes it off piece by piece. Each dancer can set their level of elegance, power and rhythm – everything in their own style. Immediately, when they enter the stage they start to attract the audience, they are present and they are visible without saying a word. They love to be on stage, to move and to enjoy the performance for themselves.


It’s the same in business!


You also have layers: YOU, YOUR BRAND &  YOUR BUSINESS (what you have to offer).

First you show who you are, then you talk about your values – your brand – and then what you can offer. And by founding your own business you also create your own stage with your social media, newsletters and especially with live video. Every video, every webinar, every livestream is your own performance on your stage, your interaction with your prospects and clients.


Imagine Dita von Teese! She is Burlesque, she live Burlesque and she wears Burlesque – without saying a word! Her message is clear and she enjoys every step she takes, every performance she does and also wearing her style.


In Burlesque you learn how to look into the mirror without saying a word and loving yourself, to strike a pose, be present and connect with your audience. And it is NOT necessary to take of any clothes or to show too much of your private life to attract the audience, to get the spotlight on you and to create a stunning presence. You have to think of it like training a muscle: You get better as more as you pratice and also integrate this confident attitude into your life.


But you can’t attract your audience (your ideal client) when you are not ready for the stage. Going on stage and attracting your audience without feeling confident, enjoying your presence and being impowered by your style it is NOT possible. The sparkle between you and your clients can’t fly. The 3 key factors (style, confidence and presence) are not working togehter. And this is the key to become the rockstar in your niche. You know what your business is about, you know what you can give as a value, your talenets, your personality. But does your client know it?


Think of the people in business you feel attracted to: They combine everything to be ready to connect with their clients, with their audience, to let their business grow. There is no big secret behind or something which you can’t have. It is there for everyone and everyone can learn it. This is another lesson which you can learn from Burlesque: It doens’t matter which size you are, what age you have – you are here to enjoy yourself, to have fun and to get your audience.


Are you ready to become the rockstar in your niche?


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