Fashion says “me, too” and style says “only me”

- Lynn Dell

Do you love what you wear?

When you think of showing up immediately in your style, do you feel comfortable with it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you can jump out of bed and into your style – to run your day and business in your style?


Instead you are seeing yourself in morning, standing in front of your closet and thinking: “I have nothing to wear. What should I wear?”


We are nearly spending 3 days or more per year in front of our closets to find the right outfit. But you have far more better things to do than to waste your precious time in front of your closet. It’s time to show up in your style without even thinking about it.

Style is easy and uncomplicated!

Yes, it is! And your style is more than just an outfit: It’s your personality, your attitude, your smile – you define it!


In your closet is more than you think! Imagine yourself open the doors of your closet and you know excatly what you would be the perfect outfit for your day – this is how it should be. It’s time to discover which are your style gems are and to love what you wear!


What do you think? Is it time to show up in YOUR TRUE STYLE?

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

– Rachel Zoe

Discover your true style

Your style can also changes. Sometimes it happens because you went through a life-changing phase, you started something new, e.g. your own business, becoming a mom, etc. – or by something else. Even in these moments, when you feel a bit lost, looking into your clost and questioning again “what should I wear”, it gives you the chance to discover your “new” style.

That’s also the fantastic part about it. Your style will always be with you and you will decide when you want to change is. Wearing a trend means following the rules of someone else. Style is not a trend and so not YOU.


Style is about defining your own! Are you ready to define your style and your rules?

Tanja Seetzen

Style & Business Coach

Style Session

You have your next photoshoot, webinar or another special occasion and you don’t know what to wear? This personal style session is made for you. We will define 1-2 outfits in this 1h style coaching which absolutely represent you and your style. Are you ready to show up in your style?

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Style Coaching

Become your own style genius in 8 weeks! In this style program we will work together to find and define your personal style, build up your style matrix and in the end you know how you easily you can create your outfits in your style. Are you ready to dive deep into your style?

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Fashion says ``me, too`` and style says ``only me``.

Lynn Dell

Do you want to say “my style – only me”?

It’s time to show yourself in your style and how you want to be seen!


Do you want to see where all your style options are? Book now your 30 min. free style discovery session to learn more about how you can easily dress up in your style without spending your time in front of your closet.

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