Style Coaching

Your 8-week style program

Become your own style genius – in 8 weeks

Do you spend hours in front of your closet because you think „I have nothing to wear“? Are you asking yourself if all the things you see in your closet is still be YOU? Instead of stepping out into the world in your style you are hesitating and wondering what you can wear?

Your style is more than just your outfits: It’s your smile, your attitude, your personality – simply YOU!

And the best thing about ist is it is already there and it always will be. YES, YOU HAVE STYLE and the world wants to see you in your style!

Are you ready to discover your style?

Tanja Seetzen

Style Coach

Turn your closet into a treasury full of style gems which you love to wear – of course in YOUR STYLE!

No more thinking that you don’t have nothing to wear, not feeling sad when you look at your wardrobe.

It’s time to let yourself and your outfits shine and sparkle.

Within 8 weeks working with me, you will:

  • Find your true style which you love to wear
  • Learn how to create your style options/combinations
  • Step out into the world, show yourself (and your business) in your style
  • Know what you are really wearing and which your style gems are
  • Receiving a personal style book with your style and recommendations

The 8-week style program

In this style coaching I show you how you can create your 12 core outfits out of 36 items. With my style matrix is it easier than you think! That’s why we will use this matrix during our calls and you can see how it will be filled with your style.


At the end of the style coaching you will receive your personal style book as a PDF with all your outfit combinations and recommendation. Of course, during the style coaching you can always get in touch with me by e-mail and I support with all my style expertise.

Before we start your style coaching we will have a set-up session (45 min.). In this session we will clarify your questions and I will help you to start with decluttering your closet. After this, every week we will dive deeper into your style – have a look:

Week 1: What's in, what's out

After decluttering your closet it is time to decide what style piece deserves to be a part of your style book.

Week 2: Style Beliefs

Everything what we wear is connected to what we think and believe in style. What influences your style?

Week 3: Body Shape

Your body shape gets now the center of attention! What’s a perfect match for you? How can you highlight them?

Week 4: Colors & Patterns

Colorful! Oh yes, we will work in and with your colors and patterns. Are there colors and pattterns in your style which you haven’t seen yet?

Week 5: Accessories

Either you like jewlery, bags or other accessories – we can play with everything. But what is the best for you and your outfit combinations?

Week 6: Combine & Find

Learning about your style options you have within your outfit combination will get you more outfits to wear. Let’s see what your style can offer you.

Week 7: Business & Style

Your style and your business go hand in hand. And it doesn’t only belong to what you are wearing. I will show you how you can add more to your style in business

Week 8: You are a STYLE GENIUS!

CONGRATULATION, you have become your own style genius! It's time to celebrate YOUR STYLE. Now you know how you can wear what you love and your personal style book is ready!

Your 8-week style coaching includes:


45 min. Set-up session

8x 1h Style coaching

E-mail support between style coaching sessions

Your personal style book (PDF)

Your investment for this program:

$ 1,297 (full payment) / 2x $767 (payment plan)

Are you ready to get started – in YOUR STYLE?

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